This man from Indonesia was crowned world supply chain expert

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Assoc. Prof. (Hon) R. Beniadi Setiawan, a supply chain management expert from Indonesia, won the “Outstanding Leadership Award” at the international conference “Education 2.0 Conference” which was held in Dubai on 20-24 February 2024.

This award was given as a form of recognition and appreciation for Beniadi's dedication and contribution in the field of education and knowledge to advance professional quality and the higher education community in the field of supply chain management in Indonesia.

Education 2.0 Conference is an international conference held by Education 2.0, an international institution operating in the field of education and based in Alabama, United States. This conference brings together experts, practitioners, academics and stakeholders from various countries and fields to share knowledge, experience and innovation related to the theme “Transforming Education for the Future”. This conference also awards individuals or organizations that have demonstrated leadership, achievement and positive influence in the field of education.

He is one of the recipients of the “Outstanding Leadership Award” which is awarded to leaders who have made a significant impact in the field of education, especially in the field of supply chain management. Beniadi is a supply chain management expert who has the honorary title of Associate Profession in Supply Chain Management from the Purchasing and Supply Association (PASAS) Institute from Singapore. Beniadi has also published five books related to supply chain management, and more than a thousand articles and writings through national mass media and various social media platforms.

Beniadi currently still leads the Indonesian Supply Chain Experts Association (IARSI) as general chairman of the National Management Body, and is active as a Principal Consultant and Chief Instructor who has provided training, teaching and consultation at various leading companies and institutions both from within and outside the country.

He said that this award was an encouragement and motivation for him to continue working and contribute to advancing the quality and competitiveness of Indonesian professionals in the supply chain sector. Beniadi hopes that this award can be an inspiration and example for Indonesia's young generation to continue learning, innovating and achieving at the global level.

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