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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Ihousewife origin Pujon Kidul tourist village, Malang Regency, East Java, Fitri Kurniamanaged to have an income millions of rupiah per month to be BRILink Agent.

Interestingly, on the sidelines, he can still take care of his family and sell basic necessities.

“I joined BRI as an agent at the end of 2018,” explained Fitri in his statement, Monday (15/1/2024).

Fitri comes from Pujon Kidul village which is quite far from the center of Malang Regency Government. The village is about 4 km to the nearest ATM machine and further away to a bank branch unit

This is what underlies Fitri's initiative to join AgenBRILink Because The people in the village experience distance difficulties in carrying out transactions banking.

“Initially, my neighbors often asked me for help with digital transactions such as check out on e-commerce. Yes, it's natural for village people to not be familiar with banking applications like BRImo and I happen to have been using that application for a long time. “Then, because they often asked for help, I tried to work up the courage to register as a BRILink Agent with initial capital of only IDR 4 million,” he said.

When she first became an agent, Fitri was a little worried because she was afraid of not achieving her target. Howeverenthusiasticme the local community is very positive because they are helped to make transactions such as transfers to their families who are outside Malang, e-commerce top-ups, and so forth.

(Earned income) bervariation. P“At least I get around IDR 3 million and the most I get is 6 million,” he continued.

What's even more interesting is that Fitri said she didn't experience any challenges while she was a BRILink agent.

“Kbecause I am always accompanied by Agency Support Officers (PPBK) and BRI Mantri who visit me almost every 2-3 days, asked and helped overcome my confusion in carrying out this profession as an agent,” he continued.

Apart from that, since 2022, Fitri has also joined as a UMI Partner, a product of the Ultra Micro Holding (UMi) clever practice which was initiated by the Ministry of BUMN and officially established in September 2021 for the distribution of KECE (Fast Credit) ultra micro credit.

Until Nov. 30bucket In 2023, Fitri will distribute to 39 debtors with a total of IDR 254 million. PThe ultra micro credit distribution has good quality, namely DPK 0% and NPL 0%.

“With this KECE program I can help people who need capital to plant rice fields and fieldsalso while doing business that is profitable for me personally,”he explained.

“On average, they (farmers) apply for loans for farming capital. A“And also to get out of the shackles of loan sharks,” continued Fitri.

As for Fitri is known as a BRILink agent with low admin fees, which is why people flock to apply for loans from BRI. In addition, the application process is fast with uncomplicated requirements and easy payment tenor.

“To apply for a loan through the KECE program is quite easy. mThey only need to have a business which is explained by the Village Government in the form of a business certificate (SKU), a marriage book for those who are already married, “or have a consistent income in the form of farming, you can apply for a loan, which will of course be surveyed by the orderlies,” he explained.

BRI Micro Business Director Supari added that the existence of the UMi BRILink Partner Agent is expected to be able to build a micro economic ecosystem. Sone of them is through loan distribution.

UMi Partner Agent is an agent that focuses on distributing ultra-micro loans to the community. SSo it is hoped that it will be able to provide benefits for all MSME players in terms of providing business capital to avoid loan shark practices.

“It is hoped that the distribution of AgenBRILink can educate the public about banking services and maximize business opportunities and open businesses,” stressed Supari.

As of December 2023, BRI recorded the number of BRILink agents at more than 740 thousand agents spread across 61 thousand villages throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, transaction volume was recorded at Rp 1.43 ttrillion.

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