Top! From Depok Adisher Leather Penetrates the International Market

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Starting from her love of fashion and seeing opportunities for quality Indonesian leather products, Adinda Sheila started a leather bag craft business with the brand “Adisher Leather” in 2012. Adinda sees that the leather bag crafts produced by local craftsmen are no less high quality than high end bag products.

Adinda, who at that time was still an Architectural Engineering student at Gajah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, collaborated with leather craftsmen to produce various bags of her design. Each bag product is hand-made to maintain the quality of the stitching. Adinda also added kawung batik fabric to the inside lining of her leather bags to create an exclusive product.

“Kawung batik is known as an exclusive batik that was only used by the sultans of Yogyakarta and is one of the oldest batik motifs in Indonesia. Every Adisher leather product is produced hand-made so that each product is different with quality stitching,” said Adinda in her statement, Saturday ( 3/30/2024).

Even though she was not supported by capital from her parents, Adinda chose to prove the success of her business. His decision to ask his parents for time to prove his business potential was the first step in a journey full of challenges.

After graduating from college in 2012, Adinda moved her workshop from Yogyakarta to Jakarta in 2014. Long story short, she then opened a new and bigger workshop in Depok, West Java in 2017.

Adinda succeeded in getting her first overseas buyer from LinkedIn. Initially, Adinda tried to offer her products by posting product catalogs to various international LinkedIn groups on LinkedIn.

“My post was replied to by a buyer from Switzerland who was interested in buying a card holder for his event. The buyer bought a card holder for a sample at a price of US$ 350. The buyer gave feedback with a very good review and competed with other European products. Even though the buyer did not order for the event because “The delivery time from Indonesia to Switzerland was long, the positive feedback made me confident to continue the business,” he said.

Adinda's persistence and love for fashion, combined with her focus on product quality, is starting to bear fruit. Adisher Leather products receive many positive reviews from overseas buyers. After Switzerland, Adinda received an order from the Netherlands for 100 leather waist bags for festival souvenirs in the Netherlands.

In 2018, Adinda took part in the Coaching Program for New Exporters (CPNE) to increase her knowledge and insight in the export sector. This program helps him participate in various export training and find new buyers at various business matching and exhibitions such as Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2018.
LPEI's CPNE program opens up huge business opportunities for Adisher Leather.

Supported by 10 workers in a workshop located in Depok, various Adisher Leather products have penetrated 10 countries, with the largest market in the United States, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, various countries in Europe, and Brazil.

To maintain product quality, Adhiser Leather only produces 500 pieces per month for each type of product, such as leather bags, leather wallets and other leather accessories. According to Adinda, the recipe for success in starting Adisher Leather is that she always carries out market research and designs that keep up with the times.

“The process of making this bag is not just about choosing the fabric, sewing and making the bag you want. But we also have to do market research and design following developing trends, we even have to know what colors are trending in our buyer's country,” he said. Adinda.

Adinda prefers the export market because she appreciates the originality and quality of products without price wars.

“Buyers for the export market don't see price as the main thing, they prefer to be business partners and have discussions to develop better products,” he said.

The success story of Adinda Sheila and Adisher Leather is clear proof that with persistence, quality and the right strategy, local Indonesian products are able to compete in the international market.

“Hopefully Adisher Leather can continue to work and bring Indonesian products to the world,” he concluded.

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