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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Transmart Full Day Sale program is back with massive discounts of up to 50% + 20%. This promotion takes place today, Sunday (28/1/2024) from when the shop opens until it closes at 22.00.

This promo applies to customers who use Bank Mega credit cards, Bank Mega Syariah credit cards, and the Allo Bank application. This discount applies to various products ranging from daily necessities, clothing, fruit, to electronic goods.

One lucky customer, Adi from Bekasi, bought speakers with a discount of up to 20% at Transmart, Cempaka Putih. Adi admitted that he found out about the Transmart Full Day Sale discount from television and information from his cellphone.

“Cheaper than other shops. I often shop here,” said Adi.

Adi hopes that in the future, Transmart can provide even more cheap goods and of course more discounts. For Transmart customers who want to visit and shop cheaply, immediately go to the nearest Transmart.

The reason is, the Transmart Full Day Sale offers discounts on air conditioners, there are Split 1/2 PK ACs from various brands such as Samsung, Polytron, LG, Panasonic and Sharp, which you can get at the sale price at IDR 2,699,200 from the original normal price. IDR 4,199,000. Buyers save up to IDR 1,499,800.

Not only that, the price of the refrigerator has also been cut a lot from IDR 12,049,000 to only IDR 8,799,200. Buyers save up to IDR 3,249,800. Meanwhile, for the 50″ UHD SMART LED TV, various brands such as LG, Polytron, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, whose normal price is IDR 6,969,000, are discounted to only IDR 4,799,200. Buyers save IDR 2,169,800.

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