Viral 7 Incidents at the Hanteo Music Awards: There are Spectators Defecating!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The 31st Hanteo Music Awards is currently a topic of interest. This event which took place in Seoul left behind many incidents, starting from spectators defecating, defecating, to finding condoms.

The defecation incident was one of the highlights of the night. The event which was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza could be said to be the most 'beyond common sense' K-pop awards event.

Previously it was reported that a fan defecated in his trousers in the standing area. This unusual incident inevitably caused chaos.

A netizen appeared on Twitter to apologize for this problem, but it turned out to be untrue. However, the poop incident was very real as many participants verified it with photos. The idols were also seen covering their noses throughout the performance.

A netizen also summarized all the strange incidents that allegedly occurred. Not only that, here is a summary of the chaos during this year's Hanteo Music Awards, quoted from KoreabooMonday (19/2/2024).

1. Bad security guard

When fans started pushing and fighting in the area near the artists' waiting seats, K-Pop idols such as ATEEZ were seen instructing security officers on how to maintain order.

2. Someone started a protest for Kim Jiwoong to leave the group

A fan shouted for Kim Jiwoong to leave the group during the closing pose of their performance. The video went viral with more than 4 million views.

3. ZEROBASEONE fans who saw this started attacking each other

The previous incident made other fans start attacking fans who asked Kim Jiwoong to leave the group.

“Someone said they fought because someone shouted for Kim Jiwoong to leave the group, and Kim Jiwoong's fans hit them. LOL. Please share this. Wow, they are really stupid,” wrote the maechoz account.

4. An elementary school child starts peeing

Before the defecation incident occurred, a spectator urinated in the middle of the standing area.

5. Spectators Defecate in the Festival Area

This is the most viral incident on Korean social media. A spectator defecated in the festival area, close to the area waiting room for singers.

The spectators who complained then complained to the officers, and after checking, the officers confirmed that it was indeed human waste. But they couldn't clean it until the event was over.

Even more surprising, someone with the account X @sunyeo511698Vip admitted that he was the person who defecated. He apologized and asked those whose clothes were stained with dirt to send a DM so he could reimburse the washing costs.

6. Found a used condom in the trash

Various accounts talk about this, most claiming that someone started having sex in the middle of the show in a corner area. They wondered if it was some strange talisman. In the end, fans found used condoms in public trash.

With pee and feces everywhere, it's no surprise that the audience and idols are starting to cover their noses to block out the bad smell.

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