Votes Obtained by Vicky Prasetyo Who Broke Up His Savings to Run for Legislative Affairs

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Celebrity Vicky Prasetyo is running as a member of the People's Representative Council (DPR RI) in the 2024 elections. The famous presenter in the “Pesbukers” event is running as a candidate for member of the DPR RI through the West Java VI electoral district (dapil) which includes Depok City and Bekasi City. For your information, he is a legislative candidate (caleg) supported by the Perindo Party.

Based on the results real count Meanwhile, on the official website of the General Election Commission (KPU) as of Tuesday (20/2/2024) at 17.00 WIB, Vicky was the Perindo Party legislative candidate with the most votes, namely 1,799.

This data is the result real count while coming from 5,359 of 12,648 TPS or equivalent to 42.37 percent data.

Even though Vicky managed to get the highest number of votes in his party, the 39 year old figure is in danger of failing to occupy a seat in Senayan. This is because the results of the 2024 DPR RI legislative vote count temporarily show that the Perindo Party only won 1.29 percent or 838,172 votes nationally.

In Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections (Pemilu) Article 414 Paragraph (1), political parties participating in the General Election must meet a vote acquisition threshold of at least four percent of the total number of valid votes nationally to be able to obtain a seat in Senayan.

“Political Parties Contesting in the Election must meet the vote acquisition threshold of at least four percent of the total number of valid votes nationally to be included in determining seats for members of the DPR,” reads the article.

Thus, the Perindo Party and Vicky are threatened with failing to qualify as part of the DPR RI because they do not meet the minimum vote acquisition set by the Election Law.

Spend Your Savings to Nyaleg

Previously, Vicky had gone viral on social media because he had spent billions of rupiah in capital from the results of “breaking into” savings.

“Not yet, no (selling assets). The car is still in front of my eyes, it still looks safe,” said Vicky, refuting the narrative that stated that he was selling assets to run as a legislative candidate, quoted from detikhot.

“Just struggling from savings while filming. Yes, there is. We're not hypocrites, it's called giving, we're going down. We're not keeping quiet. Unless we're quiet, that's up to us. Here we are going down,” he added.

Vicky admitted that initially the savings were for getting married and renovating the house. However, all the money has been used for capital.

To get rid of his disappointment, Vicky busied himself with filming again. He emphasized that he must be able to face any situation.

“It's started. I said to my management, 'Come on, let's shoot. Thank God there are four live FYP shoots today',” said Vicky.

“I said that mourning cannot compensate for the material losses in our hearts. So, yes, there is really no other way than to get up,” he continued.

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