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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian government has opened the offering period for Retail Government Bonds (ORI) series ORI025 today (29/1/2024). As is known, ORI025 comes in two investment tenor and coupon level options, ORI025-T3 with a three year term with a coupon of 6.25% per year, and ORI025-T6 with a 6 year term with a coupon of 6.4% per year.

The presence of ORI025 certainly presents an option for those of you who are looking for a low-risk fixed income investment instrument, both for the short term and medium term because this instrument is free from the risk of default.

When compared with deposits, of course ORI025 is more profitable because of the higher rate of return and annual tax which only reaches 10%. Meanwhile, deposit interest will be subject to 20% tax.

Can be sold on the secondary market

Some SBN that can be transacted on the secondary market are ORI (Retail State Bonds) and FR (Fixed Rate) SBN series. Meanwhile, for the sharia version, there is PBS (Project Based Sukuk) and SR (Retail Sukuk).

Considering that ORI can be bought and sold on the secondary market, the potential profits obtained will certainly not only come from coupons, but also from capital gains that occur due to the increase in ORI prices on the market.

This certainly makes the ORI025 investment quite flexible and interesting to try.

However, be aware that if you decide to sell your SBN in the secondary market, but the price of the SBN is falling or below the purchase price, then you will experience a loss (Capital Loss).

The ORI025 offering period runs from January 29 2024 to February 22 2024. So far, there are 27 ORI025 distribution partners who can help you purchase this instrument.

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