Want extra money in the month of Ramadan? This business, small capital, big profits

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The month of Ramadan can be the right moment to earn additional income. Many people use small businesses such as selling takjil to get additional income ahead of the Eid holiday.

As is known, during the fasting month many people hunt for takjil to enjoy when breaking the fast. At that moment, people use it to sell to make extra money.

Just so you know, selling fast breaking dishes doesn't require a lot of capital to start. For example, banana compote. Banana compote is a fresh menu for breaking the fast and is sought after by many people. Its sweet and nutritious taste makes banana compote very popular.

Quoting seconds, making banana compote is quite simple, you only need 4 ingredients, namely bananas, coconut milk, sugar and saw leaves to add aroma.

The capital required to make banana compote is not large. The capital required starts from IDR 50,000 to IDR 60,000.

From this capital, he can produce around 10 portions of banana compote. Per portion can be sold for IDR 5,000-IDR 7,000.

Apart from that, rolled omelette can also be a traditional snack that is popular during the fasting month. This traditional cake is very suitable as a selling idea later.

This cake is made from fairly cheap ingredients and is easy to make. Rolled omelette only requires 6 ingredients, namely wheat flour, brown sugar, grated coconut, water, salt and a few drops of coloring.

The capital to make rolled omelettes is around IDR 55,000 and can produce around 100 cakes. The price of this traditional cake on the market is usually IDR 1,000/cake.

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