Wawowae Village Becomes Champion of the BRILian Village Program. Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) continues to be committed to developing the village economy in Indonesia. This commitment is made by the company to empower and equalize village development in Indonesia through a number of potentials or advantages it has.

In the 2023 BRILiaN Village Program, there are awards given for several categories, one of which is a special award in the SDG sector for the Central Region Potential Village category which was won by Wawowae Village, Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

The Head of Wawowae Village, Bajawa District, Leonardus Seso admitted that he was very grateful and proud because he could take part in the BRIlian Village Program. According to him, the program is in line with the vision and mission of Wawowae Village, namely creating a village community that is not only dignified, cultured, but also independent in accordance with the village's needs.

Wawowae Village is one of the villages in Bajawa District with an area of ​​6.75 km² or 675 Ha, consisting of three hamlets and nine RTs. Leonardus said that the total population in Wawowae Village was 1,680 people and 405 families.

The majority of Wawowae Village residents' livelihoods are farmers. Of the 405 families, almost all have land that is used as coffee plantations, food and horticultural crops, and livestock.

“So the plantation sector (coffee plantations), food crops and horticulture, and animal husbandry are the three potentials or advantages that Wawowae Village has,” said Leonardus in a written statement, quoted Monday (5/2/2024).

The success of Wawowae Village in developing village potential cannot be separated from the role of local Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES). Chairman of Bumdes Watuata, Wawowae Village, Hendrikus Bhaga Lalu added that the plantation sector was chosen as the village's economic potential which has great opportunities for development.

“Through a deliberation forum, our village agreed to develop the superior potential of the coffee plantation with Flores Bajawa Arabica coffee products. During the May-September harvest period, we can produce 200 tons of green beans,” he said.

When the coffee harvest period is over, the local community continues with other potentials, namely food crops and horticulture. Local residents care for short-lived crops, such as mustard greens, cabbage, carrots and cucumbers. There are also farms for small animals and large animals.

Development of Village Potential through the 2023 BRILian Village Program

Wawowae Village is one of the villages selected to take part in the BRIlian Village Program and has won an award from BRI as a Potential Village in the Central Region. While participating in this program, of course every village can feel the benefits, starting from receiving free online training, increasing the capacity and capability of village management, providing consultations, as well as the opportunity to receive various awards.

“For 11 (eleven) days we took part in training provided by BRI. The useful activities were about how to market products on social media and through applications. We were also educated about the financial reporting system because up to now there were no friends who had basic financial knowledge, “So everything is self-taught. For us, this is an extraordinary learning experience,” said one of the owners of BRI-assisted MSMEs, Edi.

Apart from that, what is even more encouraging is that the Flores Bajawa (AFB) Fullwash Arabica Coffee product has been re-branded from BRI. There is still more, thanks to the efforts and hard work to advance the community's economy, Wawowae Village received appreciation from BRI for developing village facilities and infrastructure.

“We will use this appreciation to develop superior potential, in this case the development of machines for processing coffee, such as sorting machines, drying racks, and others,” said Edi.

With the BRILiaN Village Program, Edi hopes that education from BRI will continue in his village. He also hopes that BRI can become the main distributor for AFB products.
On a separate occasion, Deputy Main Director of BRI Catur Budi Harto added, BRILiaN Village is a village empowerment program which aims to produce role models in village development which was initiated by BRI as a form of agent of development in developing villages. Until the end of 2023, there are 3,178 villages that have received BRILiaN Village empowerment.

“The BRILiaN Village Program is a real example of BRI's commitment as a state-owned company in implementing economic value and social value simultaneously, so there is no need to be conflicted, with BRI's ability to navigate challenges well, the company's goals can be achieved well,” he stressed.

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